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What is eZ Platform?

eZ Platform is an open-source, Symfony-based CMS. With its modern architecture and flexibility it lets you customize, extend and scale your sites and apps with ease. It is built on top of the Symfony full-stack framework and enables you to tailor your content model and distribute your content however you like.

Take control of your content:

Seamlessly deliver content on your site or app and use our fully-featured REST API to integrate content from apps or deliver Content as a Service.

Take advantage of Symfony, the leading PHP framework:

Develop in a very similar way to pure Symfony, with the same templating system, Twig, the same library for deployment and version dependency, Composer, and many other Symfony bundles and components.

Speed up time-to-market:

Developers who use Symfony can start customizing and extending eZ Platform right out of the gate. New to Symfony? You have plenty to gain.

Start with clean code:

eZ Platform carries a substantially low level of technical debt compared to many other CMSs.

What is eZ Platform Enterprise Edition?

eZ Platform Enterprise Edition is a commercial addition and extension to eZ Platform. It makes use of everything that the open-source edition has to offer, and expands it capabilities.

Enterprise contains a new intuitive, easy-to-learn editing interface called Studio UI, but also adds new functionalities to the existing interfaces. The main features available in eZ Enterprise are:

Inline editing of content:

eZ Enterprise's Studio UI lets you create block-based Landing Pages using drag-and-drop. This makes building them easy for editors even with no web design experience or HTML knowledge, using prebuilt elements such as headers, banners, image galleries, content lists, tags and more. At the same time, developers can customize Landing Pages by creating adaptable layouts and offering their own custom blocks to be placed in them.

Working with a Landing Page (in the User doc) describes how to use the Inline editor.

Creating Landing Pages with customizable blocks:

You can quickly switch between working on and previewing Landing Pages, which makes for comfortable editing and better control of your content.

Creating Landing Page blocks (Enterprise) shows how to create and customize your own blocks.

Scheduling automatic publication of content on Landing Pages:

Using a special Schedule block you can set up content on your Landing Pages to be published according to a custom schedule, at predefined dates and times. A Timeline slider lets you preview what the pages will look like at any time.

Scheduling presents how to use this block to plan airtimes.

Content review workflow:

Flex Workflow is a collaboration feature. You can send your content draft to any user and let them look through, modify it and send it onward through your review process.

Review workflow (User doc) describes how to send and receive content for review.

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