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Best Practices

Structuring a project

eZ Platform comes with default settings that will let you get started in a few minutes.

The AppBundle

Most projects can use the provided AppBundle, in the src folder. It is enabled by default. The project's PHP code (controllers, event listeners, etc.) can be placed there. 

Reusable libraries should be packaged so that they can easily be managed using Composer.


Project templates should go into app/Resources/views.

They can then be referenced in code without any prefix, for example app/Resources/views/content/full.html.twig can be referenced in Twig templates or PHP as content/full.html.twig.


Project assets should go into the web folder.

They can be referenced as relative to the root, for example web/js/script.js can be referenced as js/script.js from templates.

All project assets are accessible through the web/assets path.


Configuration may go into app/config. However, service definitions from AppBundle should go into src/AppBundle/Resources/config.

Project example

You can see an example of organizing a simple project in the companion repository for the eZ Enteprise Beginner tutorial

Versioning a project

The recommended method is to version the whole ezplatform repository. Per installation configuration should use parameters.yml.

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