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Potential improvements and bugs

We now have a basic interface but it already has some bugs and it could be improved in a lots of ways. Here is a list of things that are left as exercises:

  • Improve the look and feel and output: it's partially of done in commit 13d5a0b2 but can probably improved further.
  • Reload only the table, not the full view when filtering.
  • Sorting.
  • More filters, more columns, etc.
  • The server side code deserves to be refactored.
  • Unit tests.
  • [bug] Highlight is buggy in navigation because we have several routes while the navigation item added in Configure the navigation only recognizes the first route we add.
  • [bug] 'eng-GB' hard-coded when getting Content Type name.

Documentation pages to go further

This tutorial talks and uses a lots of concepts coming from Symfony, eZ Platform, PlatformUI itself or YUI. Here is a list of documentation pages that are worth reading to completely understand what's going on behind the scenes:

The whole YUI documentation could be useful when working with PlatformUI, but amongst others things here is a list of the most important pages:

  • For the very low level foundations, the guides about Attribute and Base (almost everything in PlatformUI is YUI Base object with attributes), EventTarget (custom events) and Plugin (for tweaking almost any PlatformUI components) can be very useful
  • A large part of the application is about manipulating the DOM and subscribing to DOM events, this is covered in the Node and DOM Events guides.
  • The PlatformUI Application is based on the YUI App Framework which itself is mainly described in the App Framework, Router and View guides.

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