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eZ Enterprise

If you are looking for even more than eZ Platform can offer you, eZ Enterprise is the thing for you. A commercial offering, it rests atop eZ Platform and taps into all that it offers. With its intuitive in-page editing to Landing Page management, it delivers fully integrated tools that help you create and manage content on eZ Platform-powered sites and apps.

From the developer's point of view, working with eZ Enterprise is not much different than operating on eZ Platform, because the core of the system remains the same.

eZ Enterprise Features

Landing Pages

eZ Enterprise's Studio UI lets you create block-based Landing Pages using drag-and-drop. This makes building them easy for editors even with no web design experience or HTML knowledge, using prebuilt elements such as headers, banners, image galleries, content lists, tags and more. At the same time, developers can customize Landing Pages by creating adaptable layouts and offering their own custom blocks to be placed in them.

Inline editing

You can quickly switch between working on and previewing Landing Pages, which makes for comfortable editing and better control of your content.

Content scheduling

Using a special Schedule block you can set up content on your Landing Pages to be published according to a custom schedule, at predefined dates and times. A Timeline slider lets you preview what the pages will look like at any time.

Content creation workflow

Flex Workflow is a collaboration feature. You can send your content draft to any user and let them look through, modify it and send it onward through your review process.

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