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Step 6 - Enabling account registration

We are trying to let our friends write their bike trips directly into our website. We would like to let them create Rides. As an Administrator of the website you could create the Users yourself but in order to let them place their own content, first, you want to let them create their own accounts.

Make registration possible

From the Admin, go to the Roles management screen and click on the Anonymous Role name to edit it.


For the Anonymous User, you will add the User/Register policy. This will enable the access to the Register form for everyone on your website. step6_admin_anonymous_policies


See the documentation about Registering new users to learn how to assign a group to the newly registered Users.

Then go to the URL: and create a new user.

You will update the design of this page after checking that the new user is working.

The Users are created in the Guest accounts group, and the User you have just created will have the Roles used by the Guest accounts User group. Now, we have 2 options:

  • Add the right to create Rides to Guest accounts. This will enable the Ride creation for whoever has registered on the Go Bike website. In this case, you may not want to give the Publish Content permission.
  • Create a group dedicated to our Go Bike Members and give this group the right to create Rides. Then you will have to add the Users to the Go Bike Members group so they can benefit from the Roles of the group. In this case, once the User is "validated" as trusted, they will be able to create and publish their own content.

In this Tutorial, you will use the second option.

Create a User Group for the Go Bike Members

From the Admin in the Users screen, click on the Create button create a User Group named Go Bike Members.

Create a Folder for the Rides from the Go Bike Members

In the Content creation screen, select Folder and create a new Folder named Members Rides into the Folder All Rides already existing. The Go Bike Members will have the access rights in creation mode only in this Folder.

Set permissions for Go Bike Members

From the Admin in the Roles screen, create a new Role named Bikers.

Now, you will set the Policies for the Bikers Role.

  • User/Login
  • User/Password
  • Content/Create with Limitations: only Rides and Points of Interest in the Members Rides subtree only
  • Content/Publish with Limitations: only Rides and Points of Interest in the Members Rides subtree only
  • Content/edit where owner is "Self"
  • Content/read
  • Content/versionread
  • Section/view
  • Content/reverserelatedlist


The Limitations are a powerful tool for fine-tuning the permission management of the Users. See the documentation about Limitations for a more technical approach

See also the Cookbook Authenticating a user with multiple user providers

Once the Policies are set, assign your Role Bikers to the User Group Go Bike Members.

Try the validation of your future Go Bike Users

Log in the back office as an Administrator and go to the Users page. Select the user you have just created and Move them into your Go Bike Member user group.

Create content as a Go Bike Member

Then log in again into the back office with your new user credentials. You have now the possibility to create new Rides and Points of Interest only.

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