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Contribute translations

If you'd like to see eZ Platform in your language, you can contribute to the translations.

ezplatform-i18n contains the XLIFF files providing translations. You can use an XLIFF editor of your choice to contribute strings in your language.

Install new translation package

To make use of the UI translations, you need to install the new translation package in your project.

Translation packages per language

To allow users to install only what they need, we have split every language into a dedicated package.

All translation packages are published on ezplatform-i18n organisation on github

Install a new language in your project

If you want to install a new language in your project, you just have to install the corresponding package.

For example, if you want to translate your application into French, you just have to run:

composer require ezplatform-i18n/ezplatform-i18n-fr_fr

and then clear the cache.

Now you can reload your eZ Platform administration page which will be translated in French (if your browser is configured to fr_FR.)

Full translation workflow

You can read a full description of how new translations are prepared and distributed in the documentation of GitHub.

Read the Docs