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The design philosophy underpins everything we do as a Product and Engineering Teams. It informs the way our products look, the way they behave and the way we work as a team.

1. Modern

We design and build a new generation of content management software. This has been the result of marathon 3 years of collaboration.

2. Simple

Our interface is the result of our vision: to deliver tools that simplify the way people — developers, designers, editors and marketers — interact with content.

3. Content-centric

eZ's content engine provides a solid mechanism to reuse content. Across channels and contexts, users can easily repackage content for simple integration, and continuous optimization.

4. Multi - Platform / Channel / Language

A flexible UI that accounts for different languages as well as format time and date conventions to support global variations.

5. Expert / Beginner

To keep our focus on improving the experience of who ever uses eZ, from developers and designers to content editors, marketers and end users.

6. Expandable

eZ Platform is designed to be extended by developers with new features and functionality. The content editing interface is open and allows developers to create custom features.

7. Flexible

Opportunities for customization are limitless, so customers that use eZ are well positioned to continually adapt to their end users' ever-changing needs.

8. User-centered

The experience must be personal and adapt to the constantly changing expectations of the end user. A great experience enhances the efficiency of any project.

9. Open sourced

Members of the Community play a key role in the continuous development of eZ Platform. We are committed to try to handle incoming community contributions.

10. Last...

But not least. We put quality first.

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