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Installation and configuration FAQ

What configuration is required to communicate with ERP?

To communicate with ERP, make sure that:

  • You have the correct web connector URL configured: webconnector_url: ''
  • You have created the symlinks for the mapping
cd app/Resources
ln -s ../../vendor/silversolutions/silver.e-shop/src/Silversolutions/Bundle/EshopBundle/Resources/xslbase
ln -s ../../src/<Company>/Bundle/ProjectBundle/Resources/xsl
  • Make sure that you have the correct version of vendor/moyarada.

Images in shop are not converted. What should I check?

Make sure that you have set up correct rights for the image folder:

sudo chmod -R g+w web/var/ecommerce/storage/

I am getting an error after installation

[Defuse\Crypto\Exception\BadFormatException] Encoding::hexToBin() input is not a hex string

Generate a secret using ./vendor/defuse/php-encryption/bin/generate-defuse-key and configure it in parameters.yml:

env(JMS_PAYMENT_SECRET): 'def000004cb9c9f5edb77182df64b3d572162a47ec971a9a8beb00459b49fd9a1f9df6991ffc817c8585f59b8c5a032b796ab520eae126c77d8a304b36af0c9acdbfa9b9'
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