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If you are not familiar with the usage of recommendations, read the introduction and use cases from the User Guide.


First install the Yoochoose Recommendation Engine Extension. It can be done through the Magento Marketplace (search for yoochoose). The extension is free to download and install. The service itself is based on performance of the recommendations. See Performance Pricing section for details.

In order to install the extension on your local Magento2 installation, your purchases need to be synced via the Component Manager

Account registration

Before enabling the recommendation engine for your web shop, register a new Magento Connect account on the Yoochoose web page.

Magneto Registration

Select the Magento Module in the option box or use direct registration link. Magento2 and Magento use the same link for registration.

An account contains a default configuration scenario for a standard web shop. If you are configuring a highly visited web shop (over a million page requests per month), you should ask Yoochoose GmbH for additional consultation and phone support.

Once the registration is finished, you will get a customer ID and the license key for the recommendation extension.

Activation of the YOOCHOOSE extension

The Extension configuration/enabling is located in the Magento Admin Panel under Stores > Configuration > YOOCHOOSE.

Activation of the YOOCHOOSE Extension

In the admin interface of Magento 2 enter your customer ID and license key.

Firewall configuration

The Magento2 Recommendation module needs connection to the Yoochoose configuration server:

Both HTTP (port 80) and HTTPS (port 443) ports must be open for outbound TCP connections. You cannot build the firewall rule based on the IP addresses. The Yoochoose infrastructure is located in the AWS cloud and the IP addresses can change.

Available Recommendation Blocks

The Yoochoose extension will automatically launch after the installation is completed. After that the extension will track page visitors and personalize shopping experience for them.

The following options are available:

  • Bestsellers are shown on the home page for all visitors and on the main category pages. 
  • Personal recommendations are shown to registered customers or to anonymous visitors with a persistent or long living session. It analyses the purchasing and click history of the visitors and suggests new products.

Landing and Category page

  • Category Related is created with products that customers usually buy together with the current product (e.g. butter and bread).
  • Upselling recommendations (on the product details block) show products that customers buy instead of the current product (for example printer X instead of Z).

Detail Page

  • Cross sell products are similar to the related products, but they are calculated based on the customer's shopping cart.

Shopping Cart

Personalized Search integration

We also offer a Personalized Search Service which can search for vendors, category and products. It can be activated in the Magento2 back end in the Extension configuration.

Personalized Search activation

An example of the search results can be seen here:

Personalized Search results

Development and maintenance

Further development of the extension is welcome. Visit our bitbucket repository. Don't hesitate to contact us for improvements, bug fixes or anything else related to the extension.

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