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Site Factory


The Site Factory enables you to easily create and manage multiple sites in different languages from one place. All the sites can be kept in the Repository of your installation. To be able to use it, the Site Factory has to be enabled and configured by your administrator. For more information see developer documentation on Site Factory.

Create a site

To access Site Factory select the Site tab and Site Factory icon. If Site Factory is enabled, and you have sufficient permissions, you should be able to click the Create button and access Creating a new Site.

Site Factory icon

Here, you can create an entirely new site or a different language version of an already existing site. First, you select a name, a predefined design, and a Parent Location for your site.

Create a new site step one

If the design defines a Site skeleton, you can choose if you want to copy the entire content structure of the design with a toggle. To preview the Site skeleton architecture go to Admin > Site skeletons tab.

Site skeleton toggle

Next, you can decide if the site will go live after creation or will be offline with the Status switcher. In this section you will also define the access URL address(es) and main language, as well as fallback languages of the site.

Create a new site step two

If all required fields are filled out you can select Create, and the site will be added to the site list in the Site tab.

Edit a site

To edit the site select Site settings icon that is situated next to the site name. Here, you can edit all the elements you selected during creation of the site:

  • name
  • design
  • visibility
  • URL
  • language

Preview a site

To preview the site, select the Location preview icon (the eye icon) that is situated next to the site name. It will transfer you to Page Builder site preview.

Delete a site

To enable deleting a site you have to change the site status to offline. Live sites cannot be deleted. Next, select the Delete icon and confirm your choice.

Site list

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